Tent Rental

TEC has got you covered!

We can’t control the weather, but you can make sure there’s no rain on your event! Don’t let your party get rained out by ordering a pure white wedding tent to cover your occasion! TEC offers only the best wedding tents & party tents, free of any rips, tears or stains!

The perfect fit for any occasion!

Consider this - for any special event you select the perfect outfit to reflect the mood, venue, and weather conditions. Selecting the tent for your event is no different! Wedding receptions, graduations, communions, birthdays, childrens parties, backyard & bloc party, college celebrations, commencement ceremonies, awards dinners, engagement celebrations, bridal & baby showers… Each event requires a specific form of presentation. You can be sure that we will help you find your “perfect fit” in terms of party tent rental!

Trust in Titan Entertainment Inc tent rental experts!

Depending on location, ground conditions, and weather, different tent styles are needed. Call 716-877-4400 to set up a meeting with one of our expert tent rental consultants to determine what type of tent you will need for your venue. Our professional staff will arrive to set up your tent to your specific needs and arrange appropriate weight systems ensuring your tent is properly secured! After your event, we will arrive to disassemble and remove the tent.

Surround yourself!

Create an intimate oasis under your elegant white canopy tent by enclosing your tent with our optional white side curtains!

Amazing Selection!

After surveying your venue our tent rental expert can help you to determine what type & size of tent you will require.

Types of Tents Available:

Frame Tent

Frame tents are assembled with aluminum or steel tubing joined fittings that support the fabric top. The rigid framework allows the frame tent to stand on it’s own, keep in mind however, that a frame tent will require some form of anchoring system to hold it in place. Frame tents require no center poles or center supports, thus giving the optimum space available to you and your guests!

Frame Tent for rent
20’ x 20’ Elite White Frame Tent Accommodates 35-40 People

Frame Tent Rental
10’ x 10’ Elite White Frame Tent Accommodates 25-30 People

Pole Tent

Classic Pole Tents are traditionally used for all occasions from birthday parties to large-scale events. Poles located under the center of the top and then tensioned over side and corner poles, which are anchored into the ground, support the vinyl top. Beware that depending on size & venue; specific requirements may apply for installation or your pole tent rental. Consult with our tent rental experts for details!

 Pole Tent Rental

40’ x 60’ Pristine White Select Pole Tent Seats 100-300 People

White Pole Tent
20’ x 40’ Pristine White Select Pole Tent Seats 75-80 People

Wedding Tent
20’ x 30’ Pristine White Select Pole Tent Seats 50-60 People

Pole Tent Rentals
20’ x 20’ Pristine White Select Pole Tent Seats 35-40 People

Easy Up Tents

Our Easy Up tents are the made of the strongest aluminum frames in the industry! Perfect for tents for carnivals, convention booths, “Taste Of” events, and much, much more! It’s rust resistant frames and immaculate white vinyl tops withstand wind and weather versus non-professional commercial tents found in local supermarkets. Our Tent Rental experts make sure your tent is assembled and anchored properly so your fun doesn’t get “blown away’!

10’ x 20’ White Easy Up Tent seats up to 25 people
EZ up Tents for rent
10’ x 10’ White Easy Up Tent seats up to 10 people

*** All tent rentals include delivery, set up & tear down on grass only. Additional fees may apply for blacktop installation. Specific requirements may be required for large tents over 30’ wide***

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