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How did you DO that!?

Birthday MagicianYour fellow guests will ask you in amazement after you magically throw the most spectacular party your guests have ever seen! Of course, your secret is safe with us. It wasn’t all hocus pocus, wand waving, and nose twitching… You called TEC Entertainment to provide your party with the best birthday party magician Western New York has to offer! You can’t help the fact that all attendees were spellbound and engaged in the amazing magic and activities!

Of course, the Magician you’ve hired via TEC Entertainment may have something to do with the amazing time your guests had!

Birthday Magician

Birthday Party Magician

Birthday Magician are fun and kids love them. Have one of our birthday magicians perform for an audience of kids with hat tricks, disapearing objects and more...

Birthday Magician

Wedding Magician

Buffalo Magician

WNY Magician

Magician for parties of all types !!!

Our Magicians are true professionals that combine comedy, mentalism, mind reading, and illusions to create the most mystical, magical, FUN events!

Each magician caters to individual age groups and can do everything from basic card magic tricks to full-scale illusions, and there’s always the chance to see the magical live rabbit!

Call us today to book a birthday party magician or magician for parties and whip up an amazing evening of mystical magic for any event!

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