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In a world that seeks perfection, balance is sought. In a mathematical equation, the quotient is equal to the sum of all parts. In Hip Hop, a diversified culture comprised of melody is the start of a movement. Welcome to the best of both worlds. This is Crooked Boyz.

With unique ear drum grabbing music and body controlling vocals, Crooked Boyz stay in your memories at first sound. This original Hip Hop group from the Buffalo/Niagara Falls region is made up of a main stream and underground style to never be matched. Crooked Boyz has performed from the East Coast to the West Coast bringing their mesmorizing sound with them and opening up for a Rock The Vote Concert to Krayzie Bone to House of Pain.

Crooked Boyz are a duo that demonstrates catchy hooks that keep the dance floors bouncin' and the low end in your trunk thumpin'! They are Hip Hop, Rap and Song melded into one explosive genre of music. True performers, Diesle and Shadow came together to create various dance hits that spread across Western New York like wildfire!

Don Diesle:

With a main stream style that has been rocking speakers for 15 years, Diesle's career took a leap forward when he worked on recordings with industry producer Kidd Kold. With Kidd's help, the attention of Channel 2 News, Kiss 98.5, Z101 and Robby Tatack of the Goo Goo Dolls have been given to Dielse's musical talents. Some recording by Diesle include The Kiss 10 at 10 (Kiss 98.5), Top 9 at 9 (Z101 FM), Buffalo Bills talk shows and Amungus (Robby Tatack).


Music started for Shadow at a young age when he was placed in front of a piano. He has been playing ever since and is now classically trained. He has performed at the Alcott, Van Horne Mansion, and studied under Christopher Johnson, a world renowned pianist. Shadow has also opened up for Krayzie Bone and derives his inspiration from various artists including Eminem, Crooked Letta and Drake.

An underground style that cannot be touched by any person. Shadow has been with Crooked Boyz for 3 years. With studying and mastering his craft the first 2years, he has made a name for his style within a short period of 1 year. Shadow has established his ranking within the Crooked Boyz front lines through Youtube. On his own, Shadow has gathered over 30,000 YouTube views over a span of 3 sensational videos.

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